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Sam H , 09/07/2014

The only reply I had was for someone living in Romania. I realise now that I should have made it clear that I was offering just one hour of work for a local person!

Peter J , 15/04/2014

I am pleased with your website.
Ii is an easy site to look at and I had a few offers through it.
Hope to get the right job at any time.
Best Regards,
Susie Palau

, 14/04/2014

I think it is a great site for people to advertise their skills as a Housekeeper and for potential Employers to check out who is available and what they have to offer. Well done....

Jean J, Merseyside , 29/03/2014

I like everything about this site. job poster the way you intermidate between the job seeker and job poster.

Oluwaseun O , 14/03/2014